Challenges And Opportunities For Just Transitions In Nigeria

By Kelvin Alohan

The opportunities and benefits that energy transition can bring to our communities, considering the impacts of fossil fuel on the ecosystem, was the point of emphasis in this 7th edition of the Just Energy Transition (JET) half hour being implemented by Youth and Environmental Advocacy Centre (YEAC) on Royal FM, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.

Speaking on the topic, ‘The Challenges and Opportunities for Just Transitions in Nigeria’, Mrs. Christiana Agiri, a school teacher and solar power dealer, shared practical experience about solar power as a renewable energy and some challenges facing the spread and expansion of the new energy source in Nigeria, and Bayelsa State in particular.

She further advised communities, companies, government and development partners on what should be the role of stakeholders towards the acceleration of the energy transition process in Nigeria, while also sharing on what she does in her role as a teacher and solar dealer to sensitize students and community members about climate change and the need for energy transition.

The radio program is implemented in partnership with Spaces for Change and support from Africa Centre for Energy Policy as part of the project ‘From Exclusion to Inclusion in National Just Transition Plans’.

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