EITI Moves Towards Online Transparency

The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) has commenced moves towards online transparency, setting 2018 as target year for achieving this.

The Executive Director of the EITI, Jonas Moberg, made this known at the end of the EITI International Board Meeting held in Oslo, Norway in February 2018, according to the NEITI February newsletter.

Jonas explained that smarter use of technology provides opportunities to integrate reporting into government and company systems.

He stated that instead of collecting EITI data to put in a standalone EITI report, the default for countries implementing the EITI would be to disclose information on government and company systems noting that the result will be more timely data, more efficiently collected.

“The EITI multi-stakeholder platforms in the future will spend less time on data collection and more time on analysis and policy recommendations. Mindsets are shifting from producing transparency to using open data,’’ Jonas was quoted as saying in the NEITI publication.

The international EITI board therefore tasked all implementing countries to produce workplans to map out how they would move from standalone EITI reports in the next five years.

The EITI Board reviewed the status of some implementing countries. Mongolia and Timor-Leste were adjudged to have made satisfactory progress while Albania, Burkina Faso and Kazakhstan have made meaningful progress.


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