Extractive360.com is published by Extractive360Hub a duly registered organisation under the Nigerian CAMA law.  We are a specialized resource platform which provides factual, reliable and educative reports on issues within Nigeria’s extractive industries as well as related development across the world’s extractive industries and markets.

The organisation was conceived and set up for Nigerians to consistently gain good knowledge and information about the workings of the country’s extractive sectors, knowledge they could use to ask the right questions and demand reforms about how the sectors resources are managed.

Extractive360 is a platform dedicated to supporting and providing an avenue for demand-side actors working in the front-lines to be heard. We facilitate workshops and events aimed at shaping conversations that could transform the way Nigeria’s oil, gas and mining sectors are managed as well as deepen the implementation of the transparency and accountability principles of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) in Nigeria. We advocate for STEM education for young girls and empowerment initiatives for underprivileged women.

OBJECTIVE – To help deepen the implementation of the transparency and accountability principles championed by global extractive industries accountability actors and shape conversations that could transform the management of Nigeria’s oil, gas and solid minerals sectors through enlightened information

VISION – To help achieve a sustainable society through prudent management of Nigeria’s extractive resources

MISION – To ensure prudency in the utilization of extractive resources to better citizens lives’ through sustained information and advocacy


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