EITI Delists Myanmar As An Implementing Country

By Stephanie Odiase

Three years after its suspension in the wake of a military coup, the Board of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) has finally delisted Myanmar from the EITI.

According to the Board, the decision to delist Myanmar from the EITI is a recognition of the fact that under the current circumstances meaningful transparency and multi-stakeholder dialogue are not possible.

The board explained that before the coup, Myanmar’s participation in the EITI had helped to improve extractive sector governance in the country, by way of shedding light on the finances of state-owned enterprises and promoting public oversight of company ownership, including in the opaque gems and jade industry.

It however, noted that the coup has put an end to that progress, regretting that since the coup, those who supported reform have faced huge risks.

“Many have been forced to flee the country, others have been arrested or killed by the military, countless lives have been uprooted and destroyed,” The EITI Board said in a statement on its official website,

The organisation added further that despite the risks, many continue to advocate for change, both from within Myanmar and from abroad.

“The road ahead is likely to be long and difficult. But I hope we will see a day where Myanmar’s resource sector works for its people and where those advocating for transparency and good governance can do so without fear. And I hope we will welcome Myanmar back into the EITI at that point,” Said Helen Clark, the EITI Board Chair.

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