Why We Are Here

Extractive360.com is a Nigerian web-based publication, a resource centre with factual, reliable, insightful and up-to-date reports of development in the extractive industries.

Our Vision is to pursue the achievement of a sustainable society through prudent management of extractive resources with a Mission to ensure that extractive resources are prudently utilized through provision of adequate information.

It is our belief that the right information is sacrosanct to equip citizens in making informed contributions to policy matters as well as influence governance. Thus, our publication shall make every effort to effectively cover issues in the sector in Nigeria and around the world and bring such information to the public.

We shall present news, features, analysis, editorials, interviews and other categories in a professional, keep it insightful, short and simple (KIISS) manner, employing where necessary, the use of infographics and other innovative tools to tell the stories for better understanding for the purpose of deepening citizens engagement process and good governance.

e360 shall commit to ensuring that the stories are told from the point of view of the effect and impact that developments of the extractive industry has on the individual, society and the environment while consistently harping on the need for the sectors transformation.

We shall spare no effort in going through the layers to access facts and information needed to tell the stories with which the industry can be held accountable. We shall further pursue the transformation of the sector by persistent agenda setting, critiquing and commending along the line.

Because of the sectors dynamism, our publication shall consistently investigate and present reports that will stimulate debates necessary for continuous improvement in the management of the Nigerian extractive industries. The overall objective shall be; i, to achieve a transformation of the sectors operations in line with international best practice, ii, to achieve maximal utilization of the proceeds thereof to benefit Nigerians and iii, achieve a sustainable society.

In the discharge of our responsibilities, we shall maintain a culture of excellence and absolute adherence to the highest ethical standards. Accuracy of facts, objectivity and equity shall be our core values.

Citizens and other opinion leaders are encouraged to partner with us on this journey by contributing stories, videos, analysis pictures, opinions and other articles that are constructive, objective and truthful, so that together, we can advance the transformation of Nigeria’s extractive industries and enthrone sustainable development in the country through prudent utilization of the sectors resources.


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