Saudi Aramco Awards Major Offshore Construction Contracts

Saudi Aramco has signed agreements with various US- and UAE-based contractors for offshore oil and gas mega-projects.

According to Offshore reports, Jacobs Engineering will perform engineering and project management services for the offshore Zuluf field development. This involves providing new facilities to process 600 MMb/d of Arab heavy crude oil from the field.

The workscope includes water injection and oil wellhead platforms, tie-in platforms, trunk lines and flowlines, and a 600-MMb/d onshore central processing complex comprising a new gas/oil separation plant, gas compression facilities, and new water injection plants.

Stabilized crude will be transported to Ju’aymah terminal via new downstream pipelines, while the separated gas and condensate streams will be transported to the proposed Tanajib gas plant, again via new pipelines.

Abu Dhabi-based NPCC has the EPCI contract for a new-phase program on the giant offshore Safaniyah field.

This involves construction of a tie-in platform to serve as an additional gathering hub for future oil wellhead platforms on Safaniyah, and providing a further source of power to the field’s facilities via 20 km (12.4 mi) of subsea cable.

The company will execute the two-year program under the guidance of Aramco’s Offshore Project Department.

Also McDermott Middle East (Dubai) has EPCI responsibilities for 10 new slipover platforms at the South Safaniya field, the purpose of which will be to enhance production of crude oil from the Safaniyah field.

Offshore further reported that this is a three-year project under the guidance of Saudi Aramco’s Offshore Project Department.

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