CSAG Unveils 10 Civil Society Nominees For EITI 2023-2026 Board

By Juliet Ukanowsu  

The Civil Society Advisory Group (CSAG) has unveiled the 10 civil society representatives nominated to serve on the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) Board for the 2023-2026 term.

The nominees, which according to the Advisory Group, were chosen through a rigorous selection process, will be confirmed after a two-week complaints period, and made official through their election at the EITI Global Conference holding in June in Dakar, Senegal.

The 10 nominees include; Clancy Moore (Australia) Member, representing Asia and the Pacific; Tamika Halwiindi (Zambia) Alternate, representing Anglophone and Lusophone Africa; Aliou Ba Coulibay (Mauritania) Member, representing Francophone Africa and Kougblenou Kossi, (Togo) Alternate, representing Francophone Africa.

Other are Mariya Lobacheva, (Kazakhstan) Member, representing Eurasia; Olena Pavlenko (Ukraine) Alternate, representing Eurasia; Dianna Kaissy, (Lebanon) Member, representing Europe, North America and Middle East/North Africa; Mattheiu Salomon (France) Alternate, representing Europe, North America and Middle East/North Africa; Vanessa Cueto La Rosa (Peru) Member, representing Latin America and the Caribbean; Yessica Prieto Ramos (Colombia) Alternate, representing Latin America and the Caribbean.

The CSAG, while explaining that the decision rested on a careful application of the criteria for selection outlined in the Constituency Guidelines for Civil Society, however urged CSO constituencies with concerns or complaints about the nominations to reach it between 22 April – 5 May.

“The CSAG will give serious consideration to all complaints that are clearly articulated, well-founded, and well-documented. In submitting a complaint, provide some information on your own professional role and relationship to the EITI, describe your issue in some detail, providing as much supporting evidence as possible and referencing as appropriate the Civil Society Constituency Guidelines that govern the Board selection process,” a statement by the CSAG explained.

Among the 10 final nominees are six women and four men who, according to the statement, brings unmatched collective depth and breadth of expertise. Some are veterans of the EITI who have successfully advocated on priority issues at the Board level, such as the revised Validation model, the 2022 Company Expectations, and the revised 2023 EITI Standard.

Extractive360 learnt that there are also new leaders who have distinguished themselves in raising up transparency and accountability in national initiatives, introducing innovations in data dissemination and working directly with communities affected by the extractive sector.

The statement added that “Together the nominees bring wide-ranging technical expertise across the supply chain, research, policy advocacy, stakeholder engagement and negotiation skills, as well as strong networks at local, national, regional, and global levels.

“Thus, the nominees make up a group that is well placed to tackle continuing and cutting-edge priorities on the EITI agenda, including the protection of civil society and key issues at the heart of proposed revisions to the EITI Standard, including the energy transition, gender, and anti-corruption”.

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