Pathways To Transitioning Artisanal Refiners

Oil Theft, illegal refinery

By Kelvin Alohan

The pathways to transitioning marginalized groups such as artisanal refiners, was the basis of discussion in the 4th edition of the Just Energy Transition half hour, sponsored by Youth and Environmental Advocacy Centre (YEAC) in Bayelsa and Rivers states in partnership with Spaces for Change and funding from Africa Centre for Energy Policy, as part of the project From Exclusion to Inclusion in National Just Transition Plans.

Discussing the topic; Artisanal Refinery Economy and Just Energy Transition in the Niger Delta, the National President, Ogbia Brotherhood Youth Worldwide, Johnny Jonathan, and Dandyson Harry Dandison, Executive Director, Centre for Human Rights, Health, Ethnic Harmony and Livelihood Development (CHHELD), both of whom spoke on Royal FM, Yenagoa, and Wave FM, Port Harcourt respectively, described their engagements with the youths and the sensitization activities tailored towards addressing challenges posed by artisanal refining.

They spoke spoke on how artisanal refining activities is impacting the environment and health of community members, and measures that can be taken to address the situation in view of the economy that has been created around it.

As the world transitions away from fossil fuels to clean and renewable energy sources, the resource persons who identified some of the challenges and obstacles on the pathway to transitioning artisanal refiners, however gave insights into strategies that can be adopted to ensure their mainstreaming. Click the audios below to listen to the full conversation.




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