Algeria Agrees To Increase Gas Exports To Italy

international gas pipelines

Sonatrach and Eni have agreed to increase gas volumes exported to Italy through the TransMed/Enrico Mattei pipeline system.

To this end, Sonatrach President, Toufik Hakkar and Eni CEO, Claudio Descalzi, signed the agreement to increase gas volumes exported to Italy through the onshore/offshore TransMed/Enrico Mattei pipeline system with terms covered under a long-term gas supply contract due to take effect from the fall.

It allows the two companies to exploit the system’s available transportation capacities to ensure greater supply flexibility, providing for increasing volumes of up to 9 bcm/yr in 2023-24.

The pipeline system takes gas from Algerian desert’s production wells to the Oued Safsaf’s measurement station at Tunisian’s border.

From there, the Tunisian pipeline runs to the Cap Bon’s gas compression station on the Mediterranean coast, connecting to a subsea pipeline through the Straits of Sicily and Snam Rete Gas’ main pipeline network

Source: Offshore

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